Friday, June 17, 2011

wide angle

Kodak Zi8 0.45x Wide Angle With Macro (Modification Style)
Magnetic Lens + Cronies Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth
$34.89 FREE with Super Saver Shipping

  • This magnetic stick-on wide angle conversion lens has been tested to be the ideal attachment for your kodak Zi8 camera Provides a 0.45x wider field of view.
  • Enables you to take in group shots, landscapes and scenic vistas otherwise impossible with the camera's standard focal range.
  • This unique lens attachment is simple to use by removing the sticker from the included magnetic ring and attaching the adhesive side of the ring to the front rim of your camera lens.
  • This wide angle lens easily and securely sticks to the now magnetized camera lens rim and is easily removed when not needed.
  • The adhesive magnet ring may be left on the camera permanently and does not interfere with lens functions.
This is a great add-on if you MUST get a wider angle shot, especially if you're holding the camera and shooting yourself.
The built-in lens starts at 25mm which will give you much better wide angle results without any bit of blurring.

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